RPA use cases with example

I see some interesting use case for RPA, Top 67 RPA Use cases / Applications/ Examples [2021] (aimultiple.com)

Please share if you have any

Explore 80+ RPA use cases in business processes, sales, HR, healthcare, tech, finance, operations, telecom, retail, manufacturing, government, etc. What is RPA? The term Robotic Process Automation (RPA) brings the image of physical robots performing labor-intensive activities, counter like cleaning a house, lifting heavy objects, doing every work as a human worker Robotic Process Automation helps in eliminating the customer and employee effort by collecting, analyzing and sharing information across channels easily. RPA promises to automate back office processes and improve customer service

RPA in human resources involves the deployment of software robots that perform monotonous and high-volume candidate sorting, hiring, and employment data management faster and more love language test accurately than human workers, reducing labor costs and increasing HR efficiency RPA enables organizations to overcome legacy application silos by allowing them to integrate all the claims processing data from various sources . Systems can use NLP and OCR to extract data and input, claims errors, and verify fraudulent claims. By limiting the human intervention in the insurance claims process.