IT, BPM companies see a sharp rise in digital transformation deals

  1. Technology services and business process management companies have seen a sharp rise in digital transformation deals, as clients across geographies move services online due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Cognizant, Genpact have seen a surge in digital transformation projects on the back of a speedy shift to digital by businesses, coupled with fast-tracking of ongoing transformation projects by organisations.
  3. With the pandemic impacting all aspects of life, businesses across varied global markets have suddenly realised the need to shift their services and offerings online.
  4. Infosys bagged two large deals in the United States to transform existing business operations.
  5. “Because of the crisis, many clients are accelerating what they want to do with digital…So, in that sense, we’re seeing good discussions on those things and again if you look at Vanguard, I mean it’s a perfect example of a massive digital transformation approach that Vanguard have put in

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